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The Pioneer Share Offer is live!

We are really excited about presenting our Pioneer Share Offer to the public: We want to raise £80,000 through attracting new members/investors to our Society. We hope that this will be the start of community owned energy in Liverpool, and you can be part of it. Please download the Share Offer Document to get all the details. At the end of the document you will also find an “Application Form for the Purchase of Shares in Liverpool Community Renewables”.

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Pioneer Share Offer

Liverpool Community Renewables is preparing a Pioneer Share Offer. The aim is to seed-fund a number of Solar PV projects which are in the planning stage. Early investors into LCR might be eligible for income tax relief under SEIS1. We aniticpate to have a prospectus ready for early March 2015. If you are interested in investing into our co-operative as a member or just to express an interest, please contact us or join the mailing list.

[1] Eligibility can not be guaranteed and has to be ascertained with your tax advisor.