Liverpool Community Renewables

Other Co-ops

Progress towards reducing Co2 emissions and switching to renewables has been made in other countries. In Denmark co-ops and local ownership are a big part of their wind industry- in 2009 15% of their wind turbines were co-operatively owned. Renewable energy production is 20% of Germanys entire electricity output (see this report by Fraunhofer Institute for 2014). The city of Munich plans to supply the whole municipality, 1 million people, with renewable electricity by 2025.

The US has a long history of rural and municipal energy coops and “not-for-profit” organisations. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is a publicly owned utility company that delivers water and electricity to 3.8 million residents.

In this country there are good examples of pioneers who have developed the energy coop model, Brixton Energy Coop, Bath and West Community Energy, Ovesco, Bristol Energy Coop, and Brighton Energy Coop.


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