Liverpool Community Renewables

Share offer remains open, less than £10k of shares still available.

We had planned to close the Pioneer Share Offer last week Friday 15th of May. The current status is that we have £70,000 in the bank, and also quite a few open pledges to invest and join our society. We are now more confident than ever that we can reach our target of £80,000 and decided to leave the offer open until we have reached this target. We anticipate that this will not take long; so if you are hesitating about investing, wanted to invest but thought you are too late, or only just heard about us and can make a quick decision, get the details from the share offer document, get in touch if there is anything you are not clear about,then send us the filled in application form (at the end of the share offer document) and the funds as soon as possible.

We are really excited about the future of LCR and what we will be able to achieve, thanks to all our 60+ new members.

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